RaceAbout 2000
Finnish Sportscar
RaceAbout 2000 was a competition held in University of Art and Design Helsinki year 1998. The task was to design a Finnish sportscar, the first sportscar ever made in Finland.

From eight design students proposals my design was selected as a winner. Together as a team of four and two years of time, we developed the design to a running prototype presented at the Geneva Motor Show year 2000. Technical design was made in Helsinki Polytechnic, which was the main coordinator of the project.

RaceAbout 2000 is a light, two-seated mid-engined roadster. The driving attributes and performance are the same high quality as the design itself.
The RaceAbout 2000 is a "honest" product: it is solely a sports car designed to yield great driving-pleasure; in traffic as well as on the race track. For that same reason the very appearance of the car conveys pure functionality, but also the strong feelings evoked by the driving experience. 
The unforgiving functionality of the technical dimension, aerodynamics, and the comfort of the driver are all that matters, everything else has been sacrificed. The design conveys the designers strong passion and pride in his work.

Design: Helsinki University of Art and Design; Marianna Merenmies, Timo Suomala, Heikki Hakamäki and Iiro Laaksonen
Technical design, construction and testing: Helsinki Polytechnic, STADIA.
Geneva Motor Show 2000 :
On the Street: