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广东丽日集团投资有限公司 LIRI Group, China
广东丽日集团投资有限公司 - 品牌重建、企業識別系統
LIRI Group Rebranding and Corporate Identity Program
LiRi Group (Foshan, Guangdong, China)
Brand Identity design for LIRI Group, a leading land and real estate developer in the city of 
Foshan, Guangdong Province. We are creating a powerful, consistent brand presence which allows 
LIRI Group to step out from the ordinary and differentiate the group company from their competitors. 
We help LIRI Group define their marketing goals and developed a branding package that meets
their needs. Starting with a rebrand and redesign, New York Design has created a totally new identity 
for the LIRI brand and across all of LIRI's marketing elements to form a cohesive program.

广东丽日集团投资有限公司 LIRI Group, China
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Michael Lamson