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    Its all about Mobiles.
The smartphone is become the necessity of the people, so to provide more flexibility in terms of access and data storage, mobile companies are offering more and more features. So offering more flexibility, many Smartphones comes with USB OTG (On-The-Go) support but iphone has no OTG feature. With the help of OTG feature, you can turn your Smartphone into a host and you can connect your pen drive, mouse, keyboard, etc. directly to your phone. Lots of Smartphones are available, here are 2 latest Smartphones with OTG support are:

Asus Zenfone 5

It is one of a best phone at a great price; Asus entered into Indian Smartphone market and gave lots of good quality Smartphones which have all the features and specification and most importantly Smartphone deliver a very good service. Zenfone 5 has a feature of OTG and it is available at only Rs.8, 499. So, through this feature you can connect keyboard, mouse, PD, etc. and use your Smartphone just like a laptop.

Gionee M2

Smartphones of Gionee are liked by users. Under Gionee’s Marathon series of Smartphones, M2 provide lots of attractive features and it becomes one of a great phone that comes under budget. It provides more than 30 hours of 2G talk-time and it has 4200 mAh powerful battery support. The phone also has OTG support, however, to also utilize as a power bank. The price of a phone is only Rs.8, 999.

Final Say

OTG support enhances the flexibility of Smartphones and users look for the phones which have OTG support because it makes their work too easy.

What Is DDOS Attack Map? 

DDOS stands for Distributed Denial of Service Attack. It’s a kind of attack where multiple compromised, infected systems target a single system that causes Denial of Service attack. These attacks are used to make online information unavailable for the legitimate users. Business websites, election campaign websites are often seen affected by these attacks.

Victims are not only targeted system but also the ones maliciously used and manipulated by hackers. Incoming traffic to a given source can originate from thousands of sources which could be from anywhere in the world. Blocking one IP address is not just enough to control the malicious attacks due to their various origin points.

The typical DDOS attack map appears like a world map where lot of places, cities, countries are interconnected with dotted lines. These lines represent the digital attacks from one place to another. If target is in US it doesn’t mean that the attacker will be from other nation only. Attacker or attackers could be from US or UK or any other country. The country where attacker is sitting, someone from US would also be trying to send malicious traffic to its target in former country. One can visualize. It’s a cobweb of networks. Attacks are represented with dotted lines that are scaled to size and are placed according to the source and destination countries of the attack traffic when known. DDOS attack map uses histogram in the bottom of map so that one can click and explore historical data. User can also select a country to view its DDOS activity to as well as from that country. Various colour options are used to view attacks by class, duration, source and destination points. There is also a news section attached where one can find online reports of attack activity at any given day. 

In order to have clear understanding of digital attack maps it’s important to have knowledge of types of attacks that is happening around the world. Sometimes users get confused with DOS and DDOS attacks. There is a noting difference between these two. When in DOS attack, a perpetrator use only one internet connection to exploit one system or software vulnerability or flood the target with fake requests. On the other hand DDOS attacks are launched from multiple connected devices. These devices are distributed across internet and are handled by multiple personnel. Also, former occurs when one computer and one internet connection are victim and source. DDOS involves multiple users and internet connections to target victim. These attacks could be in form of traffic flooding or bandwidth attacks or application attacks. These both attacks differ on the basis of execution when DOS are launched using homebrewed scripts or tools, DDOS use botnets. Botnets are clusters of inter connected devices. These devices could be phone, laptop, desktop or even routers which are infected with malware and their remote connection lies in the hands of attackers.

Even the tiniest detail of this digital map is very important. Network handling people have to have clarity about the whole subject and they should brush their knowledge with recent news.