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    50 Limited edition of personalized Giclee prints.
Snowy Owl / Custom Limited Edition Giclee Print

This is a new Print I did to celebrate the upcoming holidays and is available as stunning limited edition of 50 Gicleé prints and guess what? You can add a personal touch to make it yet more special, the print comes in two sizes 13"X19" and 8.5"X11" and will be available just till sold out and will never be in sale again.
• Gicleé Print on 100% cotton rag, acid free base, fine art paper, signed and numbered by hand. Shipped in stay flat mailer and protected with print protector bag for long-term storage.• This is a special limited edition of unique 50 personalized prints. You can choose the character appearing on the yellow Owl's think-bubble and add a personal touch for the perfect gift!• Take a look in the characters samples picture and get an idea of how is going to look, all characters make a good match with the overall art and is limited just to only one letter, symbol or number.When purchase the piece please write on the comments which symbol, letter o number you prefer on the print.This print will be available until sold out and never will be in sale again, so this is your opportunity to buy pretty much a unique piece. For pricing and availability go to http://www.acerriteno.etsy.com.Happy upcoming Holidays!
Snow Owl
Detail 1
Detail 2
Choose any of these characters to personalize your Print.