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    Kinetic interactive sculpture. Technique: coarse iron, aluminum, electric motors, gears,networked system of microcontrollers.
#TwitterHammer is an interactive kinetic sculpture. It beats the wall at any new RT #love post by worldwide users on the Twitter. 
The hammer clock hand moves circularly and clockwise scanning seconds.
Onlookers in the exhibition space twitting via smartphone or people worldwide connected to the online social
network type new messages containing the chosen keyword. Thus the sculpture smashes the wall stroking a
circular groove of damage. With the passage of undefined time and thanks to the networked fitness of people
discussing online and using the specific keyword, the circular fragment of the wall falls down, opening the
view and the passage through the outside space. #TwitterHammer can be hanged, afterwards, on the next wall to break down new openings by #love.
The complex networks era shows the mutation in the participation to social life and to collective development
through virtual mediated networks that deeply impact reality. A new cognitive experience developing through
virtual media acts in the real dimension overcoming hierarchical structures and recalling a new orality.
The recent “Arab Spring” or the worldwide movement of the “Indignados” are placid examples of the potential of
reality embodied inside the fitness of social virtual networks. The brief and oral typed metamessages through
smartphones and mobile technologies allow people to organize their social participation and actions to
demolish dictatorships and to strike macrosystems that reveal their weakness, from economics to politics. The
tactility of digital media shows its touch as a big active wave of people with their minds interconnected
through immersive telecommunication technologies.
The virtual effects of electricity and “digitality” become real opening spaces to new perspectives. Symbols of
certainty and security, one for all the boundary of the wall, are mined and attempted by the rhythm, the
fitness, and the beats of social networks becoming actual destructive hit.
#TwitterHammer is a robot that attempts to break down the borders of the hosting exhibition spaces creating
the possibility for art to get out from closed spaces. A noisy beating call to escape art system boundaries
towards participated art in the public space.
The connective intelligence of a primordial new generation of net citizens begins stroking circles on the wall
to open passages...