This is a University project which will go towards my degree but will also give me an online and offline presence. I wanted to keep the design simple so firstly I just used my name for the logo and the website as it isnt really too long. The idea behind the logo came from when I was looking at a Jam jar one day and the seal on the top which is where the jagged edges and the circular essence of the design come from. 

Regarding the website I really like the way blogs work with how they scroll up and down and the way all of the content is on one page. Because I am creating a website where the main thing I want to show the user is my work, so this is where the main focus in my design is. I created the webpage with the idea that when a user comes to the webpage they will see the work straight away which is why I have a gallery right at the top under the navigation bar.

Will be adding more content to this project soon.
Logo Design
Logo Design Pattern
Flyer Design
CD will be sent out to companies as part of a promotional package.
#HelloWorld Twitter Background