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Glass Magazine - Power - Vincent Cassel
Glass Magazine - Power
Autumn 2011 - Issue 7 - Vincent Cassel
 Magma Books, Clerkenwell, London
Power is as elusive as it is potent. If one pushes too hard, power swiftly triggers resentment. But abdicating power is as much a travesty as abusing it. For our current issue, Glass has invited some of the world’s most powerful names across film, stage, fashion, art, photography and architecture to explore this ever timely and contentious theme and to describe what gives them a feeling of power.

In an ironic play on the ancient power struggle between the sexes, we proudly present our first male cover, cinematic icon Vincent Cassel. Since his breakthrough debut in Mathieu Kassovitz’s 1992 cult classic La Haine, Cassel has been a tour de force, achieving the rare feat of uniting art house acclaim with Hollywood success.

In honour of the power of the photograph we ask three of the world’s most renowned photojournalists, Charles Harbutt, Stephen Shames and Steve McCurry to talk us through the fascinating journeys which led them to take the haunting and enduring images which have shed light on some of the most difficult political and social issues facing the world today. We explore the voracious movement of postmodernism and how it never truly died, and in fashion, photographer Trunk Xu shoots the Autumn women’s collections in Beijing’s opulent Ritz-Carlton, Jason Hetherington previews the best menswear from the catwalks and John Spinks pays tribute to the enduring style of the dandy.

In muse, Jeff Wall, largely credited as the man who introduced photography into the realm of art, explains why we must never try to categorise. Inspirational virtuoso pianist Alice Sara Ott gives her thoughts on the power of music and fearless architect Massimiliano Fuksas speaks about the social power of conciliatory design. And we proudly showcase a previously unpublished series of striking images taken during the heart of the Tunisian revolution in our study of the history of uprisings and how, whilst hegemony will come and go, power ultimately lies within our hearts and minds. We only have to find the strength to use it.

“Power is like being a lady… if you have to tell people you are, you aren’t.” - Margaret Thatcher
David Byun and Nikko Kefalas preview New York’s best design talent with model Sessilee Lopez

Glass meets one of the coolest and most celebrated actors of our time, Vincent Cassel
“Self restraint is true power” - Lao Tzu 
Trunk Xu and Lucia Liu shoot the best of the Autumn women’s collections at the Ritz-Carlton in Beijing
Jason Hetherington and Kim Brown shoot moonlit, burnished brilliance for Chanel’s Autumn beauty range
"The power of Imagination makes us Infinite" - John Muir
“Man’s greatness lies in his power of thought.” - Blaise Pascal
John Spinks’ intellectual take on this season’s suiting
Artist Jeff Wall talks to Glass about the process, origins and inspiration that led to his world-famous works
 Glass meets Alice Sara Ott, a prodigious classical musician who shares her thoughts on the power of music 
Glass talks power, ethics and conciliatory architecture with renowned Italian architect Massimiliano Fuksas
Peter Yeoh traces the origins and legacy of Postmodernism and its most celebrated artists
David Byun and Nikko Kefalas preview New York’s best design talent with model Sessilee Lopez
Glass honours groundbreaking playwright Cao Yu, a revolutionary of spoken theatre in China
Fleur Fruzza asks four of the biggest names in beauty if and why beauty products can empower us
Glass profiles the powerful imagery of some of the most significant political and social photographers of our time
Glass looks at the nature of uprisings and revolt and exclusively showcases
Anthony Dickenson’s astounding images of the Tunisian Revolution
 Vincent Cassel photographed at the Biarritz Sofitel
Glass Magazine - Power - Vincent Cassel