Ordinary triangle as the basis of the identity for a security company
Legis has grown out of  the level of the usual stereotypical security company.
It is a large group of modern technological companies, which provides complex security for respectable clients.
To make Legis Identity match the features of the company, we refused the evident, for security companies, concept with the beast.
Are only animals and weapons associated with security? Why not a triangle?
Worked on the project:

Denis Bashev – art-director, logo, style and other geometry;
Sergey Krasotin – digital art-direction; 
Vladimir Kulikov – corporate identity, creating the case, video art-direction, cool gifs;
Vladimir Kowalsky – technical designer, back-end development and materials retouching;
Maxim Stekolschikov – operator, making the video.

Different stages of the project were managed, coordinated and discussed with Security Co – Alina Maslennikova, Katerina Kovaleva and Alexander Medvinskiy.
Legis brand identity