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    It is mainly used for skylight systems with full protection.
Designing has taken its vast space in your life, as designing has become a symbol of modern life style with comfort of high standards. There are many materials related designing which are used for the comfort living and gives the attractive look and one of them is polycarbonate sheet which is the glazed plastic made material and is mostly used by the designers for the purpose of daylight to enter in the place where you used for.  
Used in commercial and residential areas;
Polycarbonate sheets and panels are the material used by designers as a shed or a Polycarbonate Skylight Systems, as it allows the direct day light to enters in without any harm. There are many industries who manufacture this with a quality material and size which is decided and can also manufacture with the size on special order. Its special features are;
1. Lightweight; it is a material with lightweight as it is used to reduce the cost of building construction and can also load with all the requirements.
2. Translucent; polycarbonate is transparent and can also be used on multiwall which easily allows the daylight to enters in with a ambience and good thermal insulation. It also helps in reducing overheating from the building and gives the different color effects.
3. UV resistance and safe; it has a coating of UV layer on the exterior surface to keep you protected from the UV rays from sunlight and is safe to use for environment and for people.