Two Strong Productions - Logo and Collateral Design
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    Two Strong Productions Logo and Collateral Design
I worked with Denise and David Strong to design the logo and stationery for their video production company, Two Strong Productions. 

The play on word and image between the name "Strong" and a "circus strong man” was inspired by their family history in the circus. 

In early thumbnails, I liked the visual combination of the number 2 and the letter S—2S—as a visual shorthand for “Two Strong."  In addition, the curves of the 2 and the S have a ribbon quality of film and the resulting positive and negative space suggested the strong man silhouette. Denise recommended the addition of the film sprockets.
Two Strong Productions Business Card
Two Strong Productions is dedicated to keeping classic literature alive by using film to generate student interest in the original written work of art.

Their self-funded series includes “The Oval Portrait” and “The Tell Tale Heart” by Edgar Allen Poe.

The presentation folder and marketing collateral were designed to generate funds for more films in the series.
The Two Strong Productions Logo was embossed on the presentation folder.

Portfolio photos taken by Bernard Wooten, Focus Tree Photography,