Rebranding - Magic Pops (Crakling Candy) / Pop Rocks
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    An attempt to rebrand classic "Magic Pops / Pop rocks" crackling candy with a new look inspired from Pop Art.
An attempt to rebrand "Magic Pops crackling candy", which once was very popular in India, but is not visible nowadays in the Indian market. What if they were to return to the stores in India, with a bang...or a rather "Pop"?
The crackling candy is available all over the world under different brands and under different names.
The one popular in India was under the name "Magic Pops".
"POP ART" is theme for the new look and return of the product that would stand out amongst the cluster of products in this category. This product, most popular amongst kids about 10-15 years ago, would strike a nostalgic chord amongst the young adults of India today. The pop art theme is to compliment that with its retro comic book style.Vibrant / loud colours and bold writings, go well with the nature and style of the product.
The earlier packaging was conventional tear away sachets. Once opened, they had to be consumed all in one go. The new packaging (Flip cap plastic case) is to allow multiple consumptions from one packet. To relish and enjoy the crackling slowly. The white flat casing to resemble a comic book going with the theme of the graphics.
Bubble wrap
Bus stands are common places for print media advertising. Apart from vibrant colours of the new "Magic Pops" look, an additional element could be layering the print surface with a sheet of bubble wrap. People waiting for long durations at the bus stop, would out of curiosity and temptation would indulge themsleves with bursting the bubble wrap. And that is what the product is about too, the experience of crackling candy.