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    Project based off of anamorphic typography.
Here I made the K out of my brothers Legos.
Here I made an I which I made out of nerf guns. The image was cut out of a still life I had created in my garage and then relocated in Photoshop for a more fitting scene.
I decided to plan the shoot in Cinema 4D so I had an idea of how it was would look before the shoot and how to setup the objects.
I then used the shoot and relocated the scene again this time to an underground carpark, integrating the images in through perspective.
My final letter was an S I made using a PS3 controller I broke down. Re-sculpting using hot glue and a saw. This was then shot in the school studio with no relocating.
This is the final image of the KIDs piece. I am happy with the end result even if it did use more Photoshop with locations than I had originally intended.