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    Fully illustrated poker deck for Joker and the Thief
In October of 2014 I was approached by the talented cardistry artist James Milaras in order to illustrate and design a custom poker deck for his playing cards brand, Joker and the Thief
The Back Design
The first step was to create a unique back design, one that not only had an intricately beautiful design but one that both appealed aesthetically and sentimentally. It had to be thought provoking, and had to evoke a certain connotation. From the first sketches to the end product, it slowly developed its own flair, and this continues throughout the deck! 
The back design is one way; it is perhaps one of, if not, the most unobtrusive and functional major one-way design. This allows for a unique story and symbolism to be evoked; metaphors of life and mortality, thievery, lies, deceit, power, mysticism, struggle, and love.
The Ace of Spades
The next step was to design an Ace of Spades, one that was iconic to the deck and instantly recognisable. 
The Court Cards
The court cards are all completely custom, illustrated from scratch. The themes that you see on the back design are seen here. You may even start to see a story forming as you look through them. We have created something different. We have done away with borders to free the courts - to make use of the space and to make them prominent characters. They've got so much personality!
The Jokers
We have put a unique spin on the Jokers. Introducing our harlequin and our bandit - The Joker and the Thief. 
The Pips
Custom pips and font
The Tuck Case
To wrap it all up we created something special, peppered with lavish touches and adorned with silver foil, on matte finished paper. It is embossed on all sides, has a hot-stamped foil interior, and a perforated tax stamp seal. 
Texts and photos courtesy of James Milaras / Joker and the Thief
Order your Joker and the Thief deck here