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    A design for a mobile website of a Rock band, optimized for the iPhone 4G with its double resolution.
Mobile website design for a Rock band
Work in progress for the mobile website of Belgian band Starspawn
This is a work in progress. I created this website, mainly to get the hang of designing for the new iPhone with its double resolution. It looks huge during the design stage, but just perfect when browsed with the iPhone (or another "high resolution" smartphone or iPad). Because of its high resolution, this version of the site looks huge when browsed on a computer. For a more realistic browsing experience, zooming out to 50% is therefore recommended.
The website (under construction) is here: http://bit.ly/starspawn
Starspawn is a real band, by the way. They'll be uploading songs soon, so if you're interested in their music, follow them via Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/starspawn.theband
Here I had some fun creating a "Heavy Metal" themed Under Construction sign.
A mini picture browser
To avoid those ugly empty borders you get on the left and right when you zoom out, I also designed the part of the site you normally don't see when browsing it at its normal size. This is what it looks like of you zoom out or if you browse the site on a wide screen (of a PC monitor for example).