ROXY BAR - Cafè restyling
Food menu chalkboard
Modena - Italy

"In the Italian culture, cafes have a crucial role.
They are fundamental meeting places,
where to bicker on football as well as philosophy.
In the Italian bar you can meet your boss likewise your love, 
you can fight and then make up,
but all exclusively with a cup of good coffee."

LOCATION  Via Pietro Giardini, 431 B, 41124, Modena (MO), Italia
FUNCTION  Coffee bar, Lunch break bar, Lounge bar 
STATUS  Realized in 2015
PHOTOGRAPHER  Paolo Boffardi

Like many other cases in Italy, this cafè  had not been able to keep up with the many changes of society over the years, so it wasn’t truly reflecting the soul of the staff, suffocated in a kitschy jumble with no sense. The brief was to update the place and give it a fresh and cozy personality, in the shortes time and with the lowest budget possible. In addition, the cafè needed to find a way to communicate the food choice in a quick and simple way.

Despite the low budget potentially representing a worrisome limit, it turned out to be decisive to give shape the project, that has been entirely realized recycling makeshift materials, old furniture and objects - such as crates and pallets - rescued from second hand shops and landfills. The previous furniture of the cafè has been donated instead. 
In this way, imperfection and diversity among the pieces of furniture has become expedients to make the theme of sustainable design standing out, whereas the largely-used natural wood has contributed to communicate authenticity, simplicity and warmth. A wooden sign has been created ad hoc to embodies these values.

Moreover, a series of chalkboards has been designer to illustrate the menu in a breezy and cheeky way: the first one, near the coffee machine, has “Hot drinks” as theme, showing especially the thousands kinds of coffee-based drinks typical of the Italian culture. The second chalkboard, with theme “Happy Hour”, is a sort of tag cloud showing the cocktail list. The last one, near the showcase, is dedicated to the food offer, and has been designed in particular to promote an idea for the lunch break new for the cafè: preparing sandwiches and salads at the moment depending on customers’ ingredients choice, in order to guarantee freshness and avoid unnecessary waste of food at the same time.
The cafè sign that I personally drew and hand-cut
Designer at work: what I loved most of this project is the fact of working together with the staff to make all of this happen. The feeling when you look at something that you phisically created with your hands is indescribable!
Overall view of the sink and coffee machine area, with the hot drinks menu above it
Bottles holders made out of fruit wooden boxes
Bottles holders made out of fruit wooden boxes
Lamps made out of glass bottles
"Happy hour" drinks menu chalkboard
View of the showcase, with the little sign letter that I personally drew and hand-cut
Wine bottles showcase made out of big wooden boxes
Detail of one of the lamps, this one made out with a thick stick and light bulbs
Detail of some of the lamps, these ones made out using the old frame of other antiquated and kistchy table lamps
ROXY BAR - Cafè restyling

ROXY BAR - Cafè restyling

A sustainable, low budget and entirely DIY project.