In 2015 I had a chance to take a part in The City Project which was a cooperation between School of Form and The Administration of the City of Poznań, Poland. The tasks were, among the others, to design visual identity, prints and a website for a new organisation called Wielkopolski Klaster Rzeczny (The River Cluster of Wielkopolska). It is addressed to the business environment, investors and institutions to gain an interest in rivers in the region.
I started by creating a visual identity in the first place. My aim was to create a logo with an association with a region of Wielkopolska, with a reference to a river, which would be recognisable.
I kept sketching all the ideas and chose one concept from among them. It assumes making a connection of an element associated with Wielkopolska - Poznan goat, a cluster and a river.
I chose a shade of blue with a hint of green. Besides of the fact that this colour is of course associated with water, it is often used in visual identity not without a reason - it creates a sense of security and trust in a brand which is the cluster in this case.
Then I worked on print projects like business cards, posters and brochures to showcase created identity.
Designing the website was the next step. My idea was to create a site that presents specific, hard data on the activities of the cluster, but also has elements of branding to encourage cooperation. In this case, it was also very important for the website architecture to be simple in order to provide users with easy access to information. Constructing it, my goal was to make the user, for example, an investor, interested in the cluster and to establish a contact with it.
Thank you for your time!