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    International Theatre Festival of Iberian Expression is a cultural institution whose ambition is to promote theater and the performing arts, as well as promoting artistic creation, an annual festival with a vision of prominence in the Iberian Peninsula.
    The International Theatre Festival of Iberian Expression is proud to be the oldest in the country. In addition, seeks to host public artistic works of reference, classical and contemporary, as well as experimental and interdisciplinary projects, giving attention to new artistic expression in performing arts. In its 34th edition, the audience is already used to see the renewal of its image, reinforcing the festival personality without abdicating its changing nature and values. In 2011, the challenge corresponded to the creation of the new image of FITEI, which would include all the communication and institutional image of the Festival.
    Briefing —
    The FITEI renewed year after year his image by taking advantage of new concepts, new creative solutions and new production techniques. The small investment in communication requires a great impact and visibility in the impact of the pieces.

    Concept —
    Pacifica's has developed throughout the 34th edition of the image FITEI.The whole concept is based on the use of paints and mixing colors, such as spontaneous exploration narrative and reactive. An improvisational theater.
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