With the Augmented Reality work "Ménage à Trois " is interpreted the original sin of mankind, the temptation and the Fall of Man of Adam and Eve.

The exciting combination of a masterpiece by Albrecht Dürer and Augmented Reality overlays virtually the painting with interactive and multimedial elements as well as animated 3D models. The virtual content is always displayed in the correct perspective, when the user moves the iPad over Dürer's masterpiece.

In a virtual video, Adam and Eva reflect in review their story of temptation. Besides, the Serpent takes the shape of a dancer.
The user of the application becomes part of the temptation process, using interactive elements. E.g., a click on the golden apple in the tree, activates a feminine voice, bewitching and enticing into trying the fruit.
By a click on the videosurface held by Eve a forbidden fruit appears. Adam commits the Fall of Man, the apple becomes invisible, by the user's click on his videohalf.
The lower right video surface reveals as Eve's descendants the two authors of this augmented reality project.

A badge in the lower corner allows the user to make a screenshot of smartphone display and to post it to his Facebook wall.
A second badge allows the user to send an e-mail to the authors, as well as to visit their project website.

How to see the virtual art work on iPad2?

1) activate Wi-Fi connection,

2) scan the attached QR-code to download the free app junaio to your iPad2 from the iTunes App Store (please see the uploaded attachements)

3) scan once more the QR-code to open the junaio-channel „Ménage à trois". Or in junaio, type „Ménage à trois" in the above search field

4) point the camera to the picture on the left side (distance ca 30-40 cm, first loading of data may take a while depending on internet connection)

5) experience the virtual art work „Ménage à trois"
by moving the camera and by clicking on the virtual 3D objects