P28 Book,Excellence Award - HKDA Hong Kong Design Award
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    HKDA Global Design Awards 2011 Excellence Award, HKDA (Hong Kong Design Award), in the book category.
P28 Book — Excellence Award 2011
[HDKA, Hong Kong Design Award]

From Fundão [Portugal] to Hong Hong [China]

"Established in 1972, the Hong Kong Designers Association is the first of its kind in Hong Kong for practising designers and design administrators, with the aim of promoting the status of design as a profession and advocating public interest in design and its related activities.

The HKDA Awards is a competition-cum-exhibition covering various design disciplines from Graphic, Product, Interior, Spatial, Photography, Illustration, Fashion Accessories as well as New Media. It began as the First Picture Show in 1975, was renamed HKDA Design Show in 1976 and finally to HKDA Asia Design Awards in 2005. It was an annual event until 1980 when it became a biennial competition open to all local designers in various disciplines.

In 1996, the call for entries was extended to other Asia Pacific countries and the awards have been increasingly recognised as one the biggest and most important design competitions in the region celebrating design excellence. HKDA Asia Design Awards '09 received over 2000 entries locally and from Asia regions including mainland China, Macau, Taiwan (Chinese Taipei), Singapore, Korea, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Australia and New Zealand, making it an unprecedented success for the history of the Awards.

Building on this success, HKDA Global Design Awards 2011 is the first
international competition/exhibition in Hong Kong for all practising designers from around the world. The Awards will facilitate exchange between local and international designers and bring Hong Kong designs and designers to different continents by partnering with overseas professional design bodies."

During the past year, I worked as freelancer and worked closely with the P28 association as a head designer.

"P28 it´s explores the relationship between the city, “non-place” spaces and culture.
It promotes artistic development to its utmost extent, rehabilitates mentalities and invests in social responsibility actions focused on mental illness.

P28 is also an Artist, someone who takes a unique and critical stand, confronting what is exterior to us. P28 serves as a bridge between the artist and the public, gathering spaces and making them available for artistic meetings and, consequently, sharing events.

Its roles include the development of inhouse and beyond-walls artistic projects, at national and international level."


The awarded work it´s an object that brings together the young life of the P28 Association