Prop Poster for Steel Magnolias, Spotlight Theater
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    Prop poster designed for Spotlight Theatre Company's production of Steel Magnolias.
Client: Spotlight Theatre Company
Poster design for a prop used in Steel Magnolias.
Created: March 2016
Industry: Theater
Project Duties: Poster Design
Objective: Lara Maertz, the prop designer for the show, gave me the following prompts:

-We’re advertising the “Chinquapin Parish Christmas Festival”. It’s a very down home country Christmas festival. I’d say just choose random dates-perhaps the two weekends in December prior to Christmas?
-The poster dog is a collie, so he should be somewhat prominently featured (large enough that the audience can see him).
-The show takes place in the early 80’s, so that kind of feel if that is such a thing.

Specifically, in my research, I was looking for something simple and chunky, as I knew that it was used as a prop in the show and wanted it to read well to the audience. I came across the poster for the Blues Brothers movie and fell in love – it was simple, clever, and the color scheme and grungy texture brought in a bit of a “down home country” feel.
This poster was a big hit, not only with the cast and crew, but the audience as well. I recently found out that another theater has liked the poster so much that they asked to use it for their own upcoming production of Steel Magnolias.