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    Joining Tiger Translate representing my home town Ulaanbaatar.
Credits and rationale

I did Illustrated Vector art presenting my home city Ulaanbaatar (Ulan-Bator) streets from my view showing traditional living to downtown living.

From the front first is Tiger symbol of Asian Leading Beer Tiger beer. Wearing silver gray V neck t-shirt, jeans are showing urban city life and Mongolian traditional Hat and Boots presenting Mongolian tradition. Showing rock sign on his right hand means Tiger in UB (Ulan-Bator) rocks, left hand is in the pocket it means cool and calm. And with a big smile on his face.

On the back of tiger is Fog, “Ger”.” Ger” is a Mongolian Traditional Nomadic house that can be moved to anywhere and easy to build and pack. I did illustrated “Ger” and wooden fence

because now almost 70% in UB streets are “Ger” streets (Ger Khoroolol) people from country side are moving in to UB to live in the capital city. So Ger must be illustrated in streets of UB from my view.

You can see numbers behind the Tigers head. It’s presenting 370th anniversary of Ulaanbaatar City. Short name history of UB first it was” Urgoo – Khuree – Ikh Khuree – Niislel Khuree and Ulaanbaatar”. So UB streets are 370 years old.

There are two building on the top, they are presenting UB street Towers and building
architecture. The left one is Ulaanbaatar City Bank and on the right is Blue Sky Tower, between two of them there is a Mongolian symbol it’s called “Soyombo”.

Wings are presenting sky-high developing. And so I like wings, I often illustrate wings on my works.

At the back are UB’s famous buildings and statue that can represent Ulaanbaatar Streets. Very from the left is Ger, National Circus, Mongolian Government House, “Gandan” Buddhist temple, State Department Store and Grand General Sukhbaatar’s statue. Ulaanbaatar is covered from the by mountains from 4 sides, so I illustrated mountains on the back of the buildings. On the left there is a highest mountain with a sharp white thing on the top called “Zaisan Tolgoi” statue, from there you can see whole city. And the highest mountain on the right side is a mountain with a portrait of Great Emperor Chinggis Khaan made of white stones. It can be seen from south side of UB streets.

And at the last, background is raising sun flares and Mongolian “Tumen Nast” pattern with low opacity. Tumen Nast patterns meaning is endless and continuous.