Mountain Language 
by Harold Pinter
Cam M. Roberts*

YOUNG WOMAN Amy Shackelford*
ELDERLY WOMAN Mackenzie Finnegan*
OFFICER Ray Collins
GUARD Mike Dempsey*

Stage Manager Chris Garcia*
Asst. Stage Manager Olivia Whitener
Scenic Designer P.K. Ransbottom*
Asst. Scenic Designer Jake Meyer*
Lighting Designer Alex Priore*§
Asst. Lighting Designer Sarah Davis*
Costume Designer Sara Lindsey*
Asst. Costume Designer Mara McCaffray*
Sound Designer Cam M. Roberts*
Properties Master Mara McCaffray*
Faculty Advisor Dr. Brook Davis

Director’s Notes
     “Sometimes they need a bit of a laugh to keep their spirits up.”
          - Harold Pinter, Art, Truth, & Politics 

* denotes a member of the Anthony Aston Players
§ denotes a Presidential Scholar in Theatre
Projection image used in during Episode I, set outside a prison wall. The subsequent Episodes II, III, IV are set inside of prison, without projection image(s). The play is set in an unnamed Totalitarian State that has outlawed via military decree the speaking of the "Mountain Language" - Everyone must only speak the "Language of the Capital"
Episode I: 
A Prison Wall
Episode II: A Visitors Room 
Episode III: 
A Corridor
Episode IV: 
A Visitors Room
All Photography by Sarah Wheeler
Pictured (from Left to Right):
Chris Garcia (Stage Manager), Jim French (Sergeant), Ray Collins (Officer), 
Mike Dempsey (Guard), Mackenzie Finnegan (Elderly Woman), 
Amy Shackelford (Young Woman), and Ryan McCarthy (Prisoner/Hooded Man).