GE Lighting: Sales Team Incentive Program

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  • GE Lighting: Sales Team Incentive Program
  • When Creative Director, our team at at GEM Group developed many Web applications using documents written in standard formats (i.e. HTML, PHP or JavaScript) that could be supported by a variety of Web browsers. An example of this kind of app is “GE Points of Light,” a GE Lighting Sales Team incentive program developed for GE Lighting and the Olympic Games. The call-to-action to the GE Lighting Sales Team was…

    “Perform like Champions, Earn Points & Redeem for Gold Medal Rewards!”

    The program worked by awarding “Points of Light” when GE Lighting Sales Team members met sales goals through a combination of tactics, such as promotion sign-ups, in-store/print support, increased penetration of specific products, etc. Points were rewarded in monthly sales calls by their “GE Lighting Coaches,” then the points could be redeemed for rewards from the GE Points of Light online catalog, which we spearheaded, ranging from branded Olympic Games electronics, wearables and more. As GE Lighting Sales Team members built their individual points, they were be able to track their performance online against the rest of their fellow team members.

    Friendly competition never hurts!

    In addition to the employee-facing Web interface, GE Points of Light included a robust backend for keeping score of the awarded points. A scoreboard was updated each month with the top performers ranked 1-10. Online spreadsheets for tracking GE Lighting Sales Team interaction with the Web app were privately accessible by our team for additional tracking, data collection and overall management of the program. Partnering with a skilled software engineer with proficiency in Web-based app development, we were able to code a highly scalable, user-friendly Web experience that met client objectives on time and on-brand!

    Awards include:
    • Promo! Award (Silver)