Branding and Promoting the Nepal Unites Movement
Graphic Design Major Studio Project
Part of my final year Major Studio Project, the brief required branding and promoting this movement with their core values in mind.
The primary objective of the project was to bring audiences from social networking sites to the streets for positive and productive events calling for national unity.

Event posters and banners were given a distinct identity as Nepal Unites events as to distinguish them from other similar events, as well as to use these events to promote the movement itself.
A typeface was also designed to go along with the identity and nationalist values endorsed by the movement were translated into posters, stickers and t-shirt designs using the new typeface.
An event was also designed to further promote the movement while demonstrating its belief of achieving big goals through unity among the people.

Here, a large banner would be hoisted with the help of balloons contributed by the participants.

Advertising for the event also took advantage of the same properties of balloons.