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    A collaborative zine on the concept of Elevation.
Collaborative Zine for an Independent Study at UW-Stout
Elevation is a collaborative zine between Heather Christianson, Drew Schmidt, Toni Hall, Maddi Wichert and myself. The final zine is five signatures and hand bound, with a screen printed belly band. Each signature is is a different level of intensity, with a corresponding monochromatic color scheme. The color of stitching on the outer signature matches with the color scheme on the outside. Each collaborator hand lettered an opening page, and had a spread inside each signature (or level). Each of us chose a different concept for our spreads. 

The concept I chose was the idea of hysteria, and how that elevates amongst the masses. My first spread is individual hysteria, and the number of people affected by paranoia rises with the levels, ending with the threat of 2012. All of my spreads were illustrated and lettered by hand, and then colored digitally!

**While the concept of this zine was collaboratively derived, all images featured in this post are created by me!**