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    A character design assignment. Creating an original bunch of characters by mixing 2 or more 'genres/cultures/eras' .
Punk Pirates

-Earth hits the limit of civilization advancement
-Heaven sends its Destructor from nature to end human race
-4 unlikely human Defenders with unique powers are summoned to eliminate the destructor.
-The Destructor self destructs and rebirths into a human infant

The assignment was to design and develop the Destructor, and the 4 Defenders based on several design specifications (Race, Age, Gender) and character archetypes.

We were free to create our characters by mixing people from different eras, occupations, cultures, personalities. They can be different but It was necessary for them to look like a whole, with consistent or similar features to link them to each other.
Pheromonal Sailor
Using his powers of seduction and pheromones to distract the destructor.
Destructor (Calm form)
As it is a creature from nature, it uses natural elements to attack.
It can travel by land, air or sea.
Destructor (Rebirth & Attack form)
The Motley Crew
The Sailor ( Seducer personality; Power of seduction ), The Captain ( Wise mentor personality; Power to predict the near-future ), The Deckhand ( Jester personality; Power to communicate with plants and animals ), The Engineer ( Fighter personality; Power to create destructive machines )