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    Mixx Magazine project. Identity, concept, layout, cover design, advertising, art direction.
Mixx Magazine
Publication concept, branding, art direction, layout, advertising and social media campaign
Mixx Magazine is a concept magazine for women interested in modern day DIY and crafting. A bimonthly publication packed with articles, how-tos, demonstrations and tips on projects and lifestyle.
In this issue (the paper issue) the magazine focuses on paper in the forms of origami, paper quilling and sculpture. Projects and interviews with paper artists are a prominent part of the issue.
The cover design reflects the focus of the issue.
Ads and spreads are designed to remain consistent with the vibrant, colorful them of this issue.
Each issue will have a different focus and differing theme.
Future issues will include hand printing, jewelry (metalsmithing, molding, etc), canning and preserving, photography, fiber arts, painting, drawing, digital art, wood and more.

Cover design and back page ad for the paper issue. Cover photo courtesy of istockphoto, back page photo courtesy of stock.xchng
Two page spread on a four column grid system for mixx magazine. Paper art by Yulia Brodskaya.
Continuation (jump page) to previous article, with half page ad for Utrecht. Photography courtesy of stock.xchng
Article layout. Photo courtesy of stock.xchng
Ad placements in print magazine. Colored pencil photo courtesy of stock.xchng. Ibuki magazine, Sano ad and mock up photography by Miki Noland.
Below: Ad series intended for use in various media. Print publications would include magazines such as Bust, Real Simple and Bitch, as well as local resource newspapers such as City Pages and VitaMN.
This series of ads will also be run across web media, on popular DIY blogs (DesignSponge, IndieFixx, One Pretty Thing) as well as on local newspaper sites such as CityPages and VitaMN.
Google AdWords will also be utilized, as well as ad placements on Facebook tailored to peoples interests.
Ads : enlarged for texture
Photos courtesy of stock.xchng
Mixx standards guide.
Advertising rate sheet.
T-shirts for promotional giveaway.
Mixx Magazine will use it's tagline "Get In The Mixx" to promote the magazine across Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube.
The campaign will encourage users to engage in an online scavenger hunt to be entered into a drawing to win a trip to visit and meet the creative team at the Mixx Magazine headquarters in New York City, include airfare and accomodations for two over a weekend. The winner will also have to submit a YouTube video of a tutorial idea that will be featured in the Mixx Magazine annual "Reader Inspired" issue as well as on the Mixx website and blog. The winner will also be interviewed in conjunction with the publication.
The contest will be tiered across social media networks in the following way:
Facebook : "Like" Mixx Magazine for an entry into the contest
Twitter : Tweet your ideas and suggestions for articles and issue focuses and add #getinthemixx
PInterest : Pin articles and tutorials you like
Each of these activities wins another entry into the contest. The amount of entries is limitless.
Finally, users must submit a YouTube video demonstrating a tutorial for feature in the magazine, website and blog. This is the only requirement, the other activities help the contest entrants gain visibility for their projects and encourage their social networks to vote for them.
Videos will be uploaded to the Mixx Magazine website and will be open for public voting. The final five winners will be subject to a short interview process with Mixx Magazine art directors, who will determine the final winner.
All participants will be entered into a random drawing to win Mixx Magazine  t-shirts and one-year subscriptions to the magazine.
Recap of project.