Where The Wild Things Are Tribute
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    This is a little tribute to Maurice Sendak's "Where the Wild Things Are". More about it on our blog: http://nevercrewblog.blogspot.com
1st STEP: We made a little fast drawing with a first idea of shadows.
2nd STEP: We made a scan of the drawing and we regulated brightness and contrast in Photoshop. After that we made a redrawig of the shapes using a tablet.
3rd STEP: We made a first idea of light using white. We also selected all the charachter and we put a white shape under them, between te original drawing and thenew black outline.
4rd STEP: We cut the charachters from the backgroud and from the ground, then we regulated the ocpaicity of the white level.
5th STEP: We made shadows using grey and we added the shape of Aaron in the back.
6th STEP: We made all the colors with simple tints.
7th STEP (final): We worked on lights, shadows, textures and we added new elements!
Detail: Moishe
Detail: Moishe and Tzippy.
Detail: Moishe, Max, the Book and the Goatboy.
This is the MODIFIED MAX's FACE I made some day after finishing the illustration. The old one was too rough and with strange shapes.
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