Portrait Photography Editiorial Spreads
Two portrait series intended to be seen as editorial spreads in a 9x12 magazine.
Series 1: "Alienated Elegance"
Series 2: "Character Studies"
Models: Amanda Rivera, Jesus Chavez, Clarissa Eck, Rachel Caires
Opening Spread: "Alienated Elegance"
Model: Rachel Caires
Internal Spread: "Behind the Bookshelf"
Model: Clarissa Eck
Internal Spread: "The Neighbor's Porch"
Model: Caroline Pratt
Internal Spread: "Far From Home"
Model: Mei Cheng Wang
Opening Spread: "Character Studies"
Model: Amanda Rivera
Internal Spread: "Jesus"
Model: Jesus Chavez
Internal Spread: "Clarissa"
Model: Clarissa Eck
Internal Spread: "Rachel"
Model: Rachel Caires