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    I hope this article will be informative lesson
Logo designfor "Cozy Home"
Stages of development from the "С" to "E"
Posting this article I'm starting my column, which will describe indetails the development of a logo "from the very beginning" and"till the final step". I present here all the stages of developmentof the logo. So, the development step by step.
I'll try to comment on the important aspects of the process, as well asshare some secrets and fine points of the logo design.

The aim was to develop a logo that would reflect the essence of its nameand provide insight into a field of activity. It should be catchy, but a simplesign.

Scope ofactivity:
Internet commerce and cash-and-carry market. There was a small pavilionwithout a name, which sold appliances and utensils, but the company decided toextend the sphere of business: to addmore furniture and other stuff for the house, so it got a name "cozyhome".


1. Reflection.

First of all, you could think about the theme “comfort”, this term isquite abstract, but for the image in the logo are important objective symbols.For the majority, comfort - is just warm, comfortable, pleasant atmosphere,etc. For me personally, comfort - is calmness.
To understand exactly, what means comfort for other people, we need toget an objective opinion. I usually write a necessary word in a search engine andlook at whole number of thematic pictures. It is quite important to understand,what people mean under the term comfort, of course some random pictures - arenot an objective opinion, but it helps to get people's attitude to the object.

Here are some pictures outlined by me, which most clearly reflect theconcept of "Comfort"
After viewing the pictures you will already get objective impression of"Comfort". Although the every impression is subjective (in fact, eventhe simple word "milk" calls by people only 20% of similar associations), you must still think about it.
It's something warm, soft ... and a lot of nice metaphors.
We will try to think more exact. Sometimes you can run to extremes,without which things we can't imagine the concept "comfort"? Withoutit's creator - human.
That is why we need bionics (biological, anthropomorphic form) in thelogo.
So we define a little bit the shape, and got a description of the futurelogo, now we are ready to make some sketches.
Tip:Before you start to make some sketches, you should order your ideas and youshould create an image in your head, then we will simply transfer them over thepaper.

2. Sketches,drafts, scribble.
I strongly recommend before you sit down to the table, try to drawsomething with pencil on the paper. When I first started to develop logos, Isat down immediately and began to sculpt, feeling and testing different forms, but when once I tried to make acouple of sketches, I began to receive much better result. Pencils bar has amuch greater freedom than the computer form.
When you start to paint, try different options, don’t obsessed with oneidea. You should experiment, because the paper will allow you to do with itwhatever you like. I would suggest drawing even something delusional, orsomething funny to warm up the brain.

So we have:
So the lady-idea came to me, as you can see, the slightly bendedhands make a silhouette of a classicform of the house on the right below.
This is a very profitable idea, because the image itself is formed ofbackground, it attracts attention.
In fact, things over which people think at least a couple of seconds arebetter and simpler to remember.
Sketches help to liberate imagination and give it form, use minimum oftime to draw your sketches, it allows not to lose the thread of the idea.

3. Drawing signin vector.
What kind of drawing program you are using doesn’t matter, the mostimportant is, how convenient it’s for you. If you've heard that «truedesigners» work for example, only in Adobe illustrator then let them work withthis program. The program, like a pencil, like a mouse, like any tool you areusing should be handy for you, so that the stereotypes are out of place here.
You should start with a general form, but step-by-step try to achievethe ideal line and form.

Tip:By the editing of the logo you should always leave the previous version, evenif the changes are minimal, so you can see the process of your work. Suchmethod makes it possible to compare the previous version with the newer one; herebyyou’ll see gradual improvement.
Try to make a smoothie line based on the necessary minimum of points.The more points the more "dirty" will look the line. Thecircumference is based on four points, why do the usual winding segment needeight points, unless it consists of eightbends…Well, I think you’ve got the point.

It often happens that you have the final version suitable for you, butdon’t be in a hurry to send it to your client, take your time, show it to yourfriends or just leave it and forget it till the next morning, for example, lookat it with a fresh head.
While you are drawing, continue to think over the position of the sign,think about the details but at the same time remove all unnecessary and overlyobvious. Creating this logo I had an idea to make a window to make the housemore obvious, but this detail is unnecessary. At the first look it makes theperception easier, but it weakens the appearance of the hands and the idea ofthe silhouette could be lost. Many might say that such an image is understandable.I don’t think so, many say, don’t force people to think, people don’t like tothink, but don’t forget that people are not stupid. If you awake man’s interestin some form, then he will be happy to think over it a little bit.

4. Selectionand adjustment of font

If you already have a sign and you need to choose the font, first of allanalyze the sign form. Pay attention to the corners, the shape, proportion andthickness, dynamic of the sign.

Don’t forget, that the font should reflect the basic concept andrequirements to the logo. When it concerns legal services don’t use funnyobjects, but rigorous and clear forms, keep in mind the target audience, try tothink with which emotions the client turns to the company, for the better lifeor he has any problems.
The font should fit to the sign, so that sign and font will beall-in-one-piece. Here is important not only typeface, but the proportions andlocation of the font to the sign.

I’ve chosen the typeface Daxline Bold, its shape and density, as well asits style-forming inclined, he suits well to the sign. It was necessary toexperiment a little bit with the size and location, because words differgreatly from each other in length. Here you see the ratio of height of the fontto the height of the sign 2-1.

Pay attention to space between letters. Once you have chosen the font,divide the word into letters, and edit it. As a rule, the space between letters should be exposedin the font geometrically, for example, the space between the letters makes 1mm, while the space between the letters "I" and "E" couldhave formed to a big hole, and even worse, if the letter "Y" and"T" could have stand next to each other. Therefore, I recommend toset it all manually, relay on how a font looks like a once piece thing, ifthere are no "holes". There fore, I advise to take as a base thespace between letters, which have one vertical line such as "N","H", "M" etc. and other spaces you should set up withproportion to exhibit 1/3 or 1/5, where 1 is the space between the"h" and "a".
Tip:While you are editing the shape of the sign and selecting the font, use thegray shading, colour can distract from the form.

5. Colour

In this case I had not bright choice, the client insisted on the green.I will try to reflect colour perception and colour selecting in the otherarticles on another example.
Tip:choose the appropriate colour
6.Presentation and final version.
That's what we have. To present a logo you can show how it will look atsome element, for example on the car. You can use also some unusual objects,which are based on a logo, for example a trammel.
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