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    Creation of a logotype for the french office of the IT departement of a big company, for internal use only. 2015
Creation of a logotype - 2015 
SXB is the name of the french office of the IT department of a big company. The office is located in Alsace region and the name SXB comes from the local airport code. The logo is for internal use only. 
To create the brief for this logo, a survey was conducted in the office. The employees were asked for their core values, what they thought differenciate this office from the other ones across the world and what visual elements they would choose as a symbol. 
The main values retained were: engagement, "convivialité" (daily fun together), excellence and talent development. 
The colors that were often named were: green (color of the former logo + sustainability), blue (Europe, color of the company), orange (dynamism, color already used in the office decoration), beige or grey (stay professional). 
The symbols or visual elements that were the most given in the survey results were: bretzel (Alsace region), people (collaboration, talents, "convivialité") and stars (talents, Europe). 
Quite a challenge to incorporate all those concepts and elements in a single logo without making it too heavy! 
Survey results - Values
Creation of the logo 
One of the challenge was - how to integrate this bretzel shape that many employees mentioned as an important symbol of their region without making it the main theme of the logo? I wanted this shape to be present, but not to be the first thing to be noticed. I had the idea of representing two people side by side, collaborating together, their body shapes forming by transparency the bretzel. 
I did several versions, submitted it to the client and then created the final logo. 
Some propositions
The final logo
Powerpoint template