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    I have been collecting Vintage books and photographing their covers. WOrk in Progress
A collection of Vintage Book Covers from my home

Milan Kundera Life is Elsewhere, 1969 
The Stranger, Albert Camus. Cover design by Leo Lionni.

A 1946 edition.

Little minimalism. Henry Miller, Tropic of Capricorn. 1978 edition.

Vintage book covers.

More Henry Miller. This photo is not doing justice to that painting. 1950 edition.

Vintage book covers.

Throwback to our childhoods. 

Today's vintage book cover is not so vintage, unless we are vintage as well. 

I'm sure you guys remember reading this one growing up. Did it have the same cover?

Still More Tell Me Why. Arkady Leokum.

Winter always feels like a depressing and long winding Russian novel. This is both of those things. 

Boris Pasternak. Doctor Zhivago. 1957.

Vintage book covers. 

(Fun fact: Pasternak means parsnip. Tee hee.)

A Search In Secret Egypt, Paul Brunton. 

Everyone's favourite topic and a fascinating read. Remember when you wanted to be an Egyptologist, then you grew up and got stuck in that shit job? Yeah.

Originally published in 1935. This cover is from the 60s.

Vintage book covers.

Good morning. More vintage book covers.

This one is called The Penguin Book of Herbs and Spices. By Rosemary Hemphill, which totally sounds like a pseudonym.


The Picture of Dorian Gray, Oscar Wilde.

All time favourite novel. By all time favourite author. I like this cover but I'm not entirely sure if this is the handsome man or the (spoiler alert) disfigured man from the painting. What do you think? Hot or not?

This is a very old edition. It costed 35 ¢ as you can see.

Vintage book covers.

Green Hills of Africa, a non fiction book by Hemingway. 1935

An account of his safaris in East Africa in 1933. Too much hunting!

Vintage book covers.

This might be the last post in the vintage book cover series for some time. I need to go home to gather more information, and that will be some time from now frown emoticon Had great fun doing this. Hope you guys liked the series too. 

More Roman Tales, by the Italian novelist Alberto Moravia. 
This 1965 edition has a great cover with a lot of great details which you probably can't see on Facebook.Try zooming in!
Autographer copy of the AUtobiography of Dr Rajendra Prasad, 1946, Pre independece