Dot / Line / Mesh - Finding inspiration in everyday objects
Selected photos and areas of interest
Analysis of foreshortening (perspective) and the repetition of elements within the system.
Dot motif inside the grid - looking for more pronounced character of the original motif, existing spatial shortening was modified (by changing observation angle). While respecting the photographic template, circles replaced ellipses inside the grid. Redundant elements were removed subsequently in order to achieve better composition.
Line motif inside the grid - lines were additionally curved in order to boost dynamics of the composition. Modified sign was compared with original to determine possible discrepancies.
Mesh motif inside the grid - after reducing the amount of elements in the scene, irregularities in the shapes of the chosen motif were corrected using ellipses. The resulting sign was later on compared with the original sign to avoid any deviation from the default template.
Final graphic forms

Although final signs were modified, they remain faithful representatives of the structures from which they were derived.