Natural Science Museum of Bs As (updated)
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    Identity for The Natural Museum Science of Buenos Aires
 Natural Science Museum of Buenos Aires
 Institutional design for The Natural Science Museum of Buenos Aires

The Natural Sciences Museum has a rich history which dates since the first decades of the 20th century. It has been located in many places around the city until it was finally established in its current place near Parque Centenario in 1917. Unlike other museums, this place has a double component that makes it very attractive for many kinds of public, as different as young children or researchers. In the Natural Sciences Museum it is possible to find a scientific / rational component that would be very hard to find
elsewhere in Buenos Aires. The focus set aims to reflect the museum as a cientific knowledge factory. To achieve this main goal the museum uses key elements such as notations or illustrations that will be detailed in this exposition.
Year 2011. Non commercial Work. All images rights belong to their respective owners.