*This is a group effort project
This project came about in mind of catering to individuals in our cosmopolitan city. Given the rich diversity of culture and lifestyles in Singapore, each of us is different. We are unalike in so many ways, yet we found a combination to harmony. Quince offers delicacies from the region, it is a concept fruit preserves delicatessen comprising 3 elements of fun: Explore, experiment and experience. The name itself also means the golden apple or “fruit of love.” We find joy and pride not only in being your special resource; we provide quality food products to go with. Choose your own flavours, test and taste, mix to match. We cater to your liking and assure you no one is the same!

Think of us as we think of you. Quince adjusts accordingly to your taste buds with a personal touch. You wouldn’t skip breakfast and surely make time for tea!

Quince will be a household name and in your shopping list.
Quince products in hamper
Table Setting
Tea bag / box