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Yoko–Meshi 横飯
Client: Yoko–Meshi
Field: Logo & Graphic Design, Art Direction, Naming, Branding
Year: 2014
Published: May 2015 

"Meaning a meal eaten sideways, it is used to describe the peculiar stress of speaking a foreign language.
Yoko—Meshi is a niche collective of creative music makers worldwide. Based between Spain and Italy Yoko—Meshi is a musical project which aims to merge contemporary sounds with the most sweet Soul music from the past. 

Someone call it Electronic Soul, some others Future Funk. We call it Good Vibes."

Official Video: Vimeo or Youtube
Free Download: Soundcloud
Facebook Page: Yoko–Meshi

Yoko–Meshi Official Logo
Yoko–Meshi debut EP
“Chords of gray” is the 1rst single of the 6–track EP Yoko–Meshi out next 5th June 2015 (World Environment Day).
Yoko–Meshi is the perfect soundtrack for most intimate moments.

“Chords of gray” Video
You can watch the 1rst single video on
YouTube and Vimeo.

Direction: Marta Carmona
Production Assistant: Eduardo Santamaria Martinez, Aitor Espert Salvador
Actors: Jorge Silvestre Pastor and Kat Von Dage
Screenplay & AD: Alex Rivoli
CD Cover Art
Yoko–Meshi 横飯 (Homepage)
Yoko–Meshi 横飯 - The Album is available at (Free Download)
Yoko–Meshi 横飯

Yoko–Meshi 横飯

This is a whole-corporate-image-project. I was able to cope various fields including Naming of the group, Logo design, Album Cover design and Art Read More