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    Card game for children to develop their imagination.
Card Game for Children
Brief of this group exercise was to develop a frugal game for children. After a lot of ideation, concept of a word game was introduced. "Fun with imagination" is what the research showed was important, hence the game of Zapuza was formed.

 Gameplay : It is set of 60 cards with different word on it. The children have to spin tales using the word to beat each other.There were a set of power cards, and verb cards to add new twists and turns in the game. The children could could use science, fantasy, superhero, cartoon characters to build their stories. 

The game was tested on children to understand how it was working, and if they were actually enjoying it. Feed back was taken from the children and versions of games were developed in the game.
There were 12 power cards(red), 8 verb cards (green), and 40 noun cards (blue). This is ideal for 2 - 4 children.
The graphics were developed keeping the theme of fight and children in mind.
User testing was done various children aged 8 - 15 at every level of the game development.
The module was covered by local news papers on the day of the final exhibition were children from the campus were invited to play all the games developed by the students.