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"I help business locally and internationally to sustain their competitive edge, improve their business performance and profitability, by providing seasonal expertise in business, management and strategy consulting/advisory services, so that they can effectively and efficiently achieve their business objectives with guarantee."   


Political and Business Strategies
Political and Organizational Analysis

Business and Organizational Re-Engineering

I was born in Portugal and I grew up in Lisbon. I enjoy tennis, golf and swimming. I also read and listen to music as well. I hold a Master's Degree in Industrial Engineering and in Business Administration and a Bachelors Degree in Computer Sciences.

In 1978 I was engaged by a large international consulting group as a senior international management consultant, in the field of business and political strategy consulting. Consulting projects were conducted in global terms with the emphasis on managing the African and South American markets. I undertook a variety of consulting work in several areas. These ranging from formulation and development of business and political strategies, advance scenario planning, multilateral planning programs for human development, streamlining organizational operations and lessening the social impact of structural adjustment, economical and social development, to organizational restructuring, organizational and operational effectiveness and organizational development.

Since 1992 I served clients as an independent management consultant-adviser, specializing in the areas of business and political strategies, business analysis, economical viabilities, profitability studies, resource's optimization, business simplification, mergers and acquisitions and privatization.

In 1999 I focused my international consulting and advising in the Asian region and within Singapore in particular. Acting as an independent, my professional services was primarily to assist and facilitate the development of bilateral international business opportunities and strategic trade relations, between the countries of South East Asia and those within Africa.

At the end of 2004 I was offered a partnership position to develop, establish, implement and manage an unique on-line business module concept in Asia being the central base in Singapore.

Since 2005 I am the CEO, founder and senior partner of Enterprise Support Asia Pte Ltd, an innovative on-line business management service designed for corporate and SME clients to access direct to a pool of local professional expertise covering a full spectrum of business disciplines.

I have over 28 years of international consulting experience and exposure in diversified projects-assignments, client-sectors, including countries and global locations. I have been providing business solutions to several clients, both locally and internationally. My consulting work has assisted many companies, businesses and organizations in various industries and sectors of economy, to effective restructuring, to grow their market share position, to sustain their competitive edge and increase their overall performance and profitability.  



Government of Chad                        1973/74                          Chad and Paris

Government of Kenya                      1974/75                          Nairobi and London

ATT International                             1978/79                          New York and London
Government of Zaire                        1979/81                          Kinshasa and Brussels

Mobil Oil Corporation                       1983/84                          Dallas and Johannesburg

Cabinda Golf Oil Company               1985/86                          Luanda and Cabinda

Philips AG Group                               1986/87                         Johannesburg and Eindhoven

TAP Air Portugal                               1988/89                          Lisbon and Johannesburg

Atomic Energy Corporation             
1989/90                                Johannesburg & London

Government of Namibia                   1990/91                         Windhoek and London

Lufthansa                                          1991/92                               Johannesburg and Frankfurt
Radio Nacional de Angola
                1992/93                         Luanda and Lisbon 

Ministry of Information Angola           1992/93                                 Luanda and Paris

European Commission                      1993/94                         Luxemburg and Brussels

Banco the Angola                              1993/94                         Luanda and New York

Government Agencies                       1994/95                           Kuala Lumpur and Accra

TAAG Airways                                           1994/95                             Luanda and Lisbon 

Sonangol Oil Company                           1995/96                             Kuala Lumpur and Luanda 

Government of Angola                      1995/96                        Luanda, Lisbon, London

Government of Ghana                              1996/97                       Kuala Lumpur and Accra   
Government of Malaysia                   1997/98                         Kuala Lumpur & Luanda

MMC (Malaysia Mining Co)      
           1997/98                              Kuala Lumpur and Accra

Government of Algeria 
                          1999/00                                Alger and Johannesburg

SingTel Ltd                                                     2001/02                               Singapore and Johannesburg

Government of South Africa                2002/03                                Johannesburg and Pretoria




Most often asked about consulting with Antonio Lagarto and his answers!

Q. We never hear about consulting with you. Why should we consult with Antonio Lagarto?
A. Maybe you should not! It is only a question of finances you spend versus the results you want to achieve. 

Q. Don't consultants try to stay on forever?
Most consultants have as a major objective the enlargement of an engagement. What I do is to, solve the client's problem and get out as soon as possible.

Q. What is the major part of the consulting work?
A. It is usual people that have serious business problems. Or, people that want to improve their business performance to achieve their business objectives. Or, people that wish to expand their business operations into international markets.

Q. Tell me more !
A. People with business problems requiring assistance in troubleshooting their immediate business and management crisis. Advising on issues such as cash flow, strategic direction, human resources, sales or market share.
Or, people that are seriously concerned with their business performance and requiring assistance to achieve their business objectives.
Or, people that wish to expand their business internationally and requiring assistance to develop and implement meaningful strategies.

Q. How does it work?
A. If it is people with business problems requiring urgent troubleshooting assistance, I start out by having the client give me background information on his business problem. I listen for strengths for which the client does not really have full appreciation. I then develop the best possible solutions and advise the client with the immediate actions to be taken.

If it is people requiring assistance to achieving their business objectives, I start out by having an understanding of the client organizational profile. Then I conduct a business management analysis of the business, which includes individuals interviews, financial analysis, operational analysis and customer survey. The findings of the analysis are then presented to the client with the recommendations for implementation and for continuous improvement of the business.

If it is people that wish to expand their business internationally, I start out by obtaining from the client a clear vision of what he wants to achieve. I then develop that vision into a strategic and action plan. The plan is discussed and presented to the client with the recommendations for implementation. I negotiate also with international partners on the client's behalf.

Q. Most consultants produce only a nice report and I have to try to implement their reports. Do you get involved directly with the implementation and execution of changes?
A. Yes I do. I work with the client hands-on during any implementation to make it happen.

Q. I gathered that you work for people that have a business crisis; people wanted to improve performance and for people wanted to expand their business. Do you work with all of then at the same time?
A. No. My consulting approach, effort and time involved with clients are dependable as follows;
For clients with specific business problems my consulting effort and billing is conducted on a daily basis. Depending on the magnitude and impact of the problem, I assist the client solving the problem and get out as soon as possible.

For clients wanting to improve their business performance and achieve their business objectives, my work and billing is conducted on a monthly retainer continuous basis. I visit the client 4 times a month, weekly, for 2 hours a day, until the client no more requires my services.

For clients wanting to expand their business internationally, my consulting time and effort in on a project basis, previously discussed and agreed with the client.

Q. What other kinds of consulting you do?
A. I also offer to clients, consulting services that add value to their business. These include;
Business plan development, capital raising, negotiation and implementation.
Training in management, operations and system strategies, or marketing and sales.
Development of employee's incentive schemes, organization structures analysis and business processes evaluation, job evaluations and resources compensation programs.
Business expansion, on investigation of potential market opportunities, research, feasibility studies, strategic alliances, negotiation, contracts and implementation.

Q. I have a major concern and reservation that by hiring you, you may also work for clients, which are my direct competitors.
A. Because of professional ethics and conflict of interests, I never accept consulting work from any prospect client, that is a direct competitor to any of my clients.

Q. How long does it take?
A. The time of the consulting services offered by me are dependable on each client situation and issue, circumstances and specific requirements.

Q. If the client hires consulting services, is not that an expression of his own failures and limitations?
A. Not at all. For clients wanting seriously to improve their performance and achieve their business objectives, the services offered by me are focused on solutions for continuous improvement performance of the client business. This never can be achieved if I stay with the client just for a predetermined period of time. It will require on going frequency of synergy between myself and the client. A situation very similar to the approach of a medical doctor. This of course, up to a point when the client is fully satisfied and no more requires my services.

Q. How much it cost?
A. For each and every requirement I produce a full detail quotation which is agreed upon by the client. Cost is dependable of the time involved, the effort required and the nature, size and magnitude of the assignment or project.

Q. What other consulting charges are there?
A. In the case of clients with specific business problems there are no other charges. In the case of clients wanting to improved their performance and achieve their objectives there are no other charges except, any adding value services identified and require by the client. In the case of clients wanting to expand their business internationally, there are additional charges which include disbursements such as traveling, accommodation and other expenses, whenever applicable.

Q. What promises do you make?
A. I made no specific quantifiable promises of success, I always make sure that the client implements effectively my recommendations, therefore achieving successfully his main purpose of engaging my services.

Q. Sometimes a consultant impresses the client, but the client ends up with a junior and immature consultant.
A. I do the entire consulting services and any consultation or advising myself.

Q. When you meet with a client is there a common theme or comment?
A. Yes there is . I hear again and again;
"I should not have waited", "I should have consulted with you a year ago", "I wish I had met with you years a go."
Or some quotes;
"Its a pity that we took so long to get you in, we have a happy company and great business future prospects." "We are still learning after some years of your involvement." "At first I was skeptical but it was the best decision that we have made." "I now have control of my business and a whole new vision of the future."

Q. What do I do if I want to inquire about consulting with you?
A. Pick up the phone and call Antonio Lagarto at (65) 9172 8905
or email