Ringling College of Art and Design presents
Each year, the Ringling College of Art and Design Board of Trustees is proud to award its highest honor—the Trustee Scholarship—to an exclusive group of extraordinary rising seniors. The hard work, talent, spirit, and dedication of these award recipients exemplify excellence. In 2015, the theme T R A N S F O R M A T I O N S was chosen for the awards' official recognition ceremony in the fall that celebrates the transformative power of their work.

Ringling College is changing, shifting, expanding, moving forward. To express this constant motion, we took advantage of the cool and warm hues that reflected the personality of its students. The bright, vivid colors set against the dark background were a nod to the shining spirits of the nominees and recipients of the award.
The energy and futurism of the logotype was balanced with a modern serif that featured extreme contrast in weight variation. The brand also featured a perfectly geometrical circle that signifies that rounding up of the recipients' holistic education in their final year at college.
The same spirit and eclectic energy was carried throughout the various pieces within the event's creative suite—spanning from its Save the Date, Invitation, photo art direction, programs and more.
Copyright 2015 Ringling College Design Center
Creative Director: Holly Antoswezski
Art Director & Graphic Designer: Robson Tan
Photographer: Matthew Holler
Copy: Stephanie Lederer