Rubaboo identity
The creation of Rubaboo
The creation of Rubaboo was the product of my first Graphic Design I class at UW-Stout as a Sophomore. We began the assignment by choosing to draw out logo forms using either a set of geometric or organic forms provided by the instructor. OR, you could combine the geometric and organic as well. I ended up designing my identity imagery with the provided geometric shapes, which accidentally created this dog-like face (the best designs come from happy accidents I say!). From there, we picked a word from a list to use as our company name. I chose "rubaboo," which is the name of a type of stew. You may be thinking, what does stew have to do with dogs? After some thorough brainstorming, I came to the conclusion that since stew is considered a "comfort food," rubaboo sounded like a word that evoked the feeling of comfort. Because of this line of thought, I decided that the company Rubaboo would be selling therapeutic dog beds, furthermore carrying the idea of comfort. As it says in the slogan for Rubaboo, "Your dog deserves only the best. Treat him to a Rubaboo Therapeutic Dog Bed for a comfortable yet beneficial night's rest. When combined with the dog face logo, the identity is complete and successfully sells the idea of this made-up company that sells the most comfortable dog beds around.
Preliminary sketches using combinations of geometric and organic shapes
Different combinations of type with icon
Different color combinations with final identity set
Final design board of RUBABOO identity, complete with final identity,
color theories, promotional poster, and prototype photos