Animated Infographic Microsite on E-Commerce
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    In 2015 the Swiss Post approached YAAY, with the idea of creating a rich website to present various information and resources on e-commerce. The … Read More
    In 2015 the Swiss Post approached YAAY, with the idea of creating a rich website to present various information and resources on e-commerce. The Post offers services covering the entire e-commerce value chain. However, the target customers of these services often lack background knowledge to understand the various aspects required for the successful operation of an online shop. The microsite should convey the notion of e-commerce being more than just an online shop. The medium of choice is a scrollable microsite realized in an innovative parallax or one-pager style. Short journalistic articles were enriched with infographics. The interdisciplinary collaboration with a journalist, the quality of existing data and the conception of powerful visualizations are the major project challenges for YAAY. Visual storytelling and content selection are especially critical due to the broad target audience including novices and experts alike. To facilitate easy navigation, YAAY split the content in five topics. For each section we created an infographic. A short lead paragraph is accompanied with two more in-depth articles. The bi-layered presentation caters to both the broad audience and the experts. The resulting website features over 100 newly designed icons and six unique infographics. Playful animations of the infographics welcome the user as he scrolls down to the next topic. The depth of the content is balanced with an easy to grasp structure and layout. Finally, the experience is completed with a quiz, specifically developed by YAAY for this project. Participants can test their knowledge and guess how Swiss people are shopping online. Their accuracy and final score are summarized in a custom designed visualization of circular graphs. Read Less

Animated Infographic Microsite on E-Commerce
Die Post (Swiss Post), launch: 2015, revision: 2018

YAAY's playful approach, conveying in-depth knowledge about all aspects of e-commerce via a microsite, was so successful that the Swiss Post commissioned a design refresh and data update in 2018.

Three of the six graphics were replaced by new topics, and all were updated with the most recent data. Following the 2017 refresh of the Swiss Post CI, all the animated graphics plus specially designed icons were redesigned with a new colour scheme. Layout and visual hierarchy were also improved in the process.

With this project, YAAY voluntarily took on the challenge to make all in-fographics and other content fully responsive on all devices. Typically large visualizations will simply be scaled or omitted for mobile, sacrificing readabil-ity, consistency and beauty. Instead, we invested a large effort in developing a responsive infographic approach which we continue to use and develop.

The site which was originally designed with a focus for tablet users in 2015 is now fully responsive, with seamless transition between desktop, tablet and mobile, all available in four languages. Lightweight and attractive animation and also complements the site across all devices.

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