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    Valeria Chair
TheValeria chair draws inspiration from the movie Amores Perros by AlejandroGonzález Iñarritu, in wich we can see a Latin-American society clearly dividedand segmented by inequities, but not least coherent and homogeneous in itsidiosyncrasy and way of living. The interactions between these different worldsis clearly shown in the intertwined stories depicted in the film as amanifestation of a Latin America which itself consists of a mixture of culture,history and religion from over 500 years.

Oneof the most noticeable characteristics of the Mexican and Latin-American idiosyncrasyis the capacity to create new object typologies derived from the adaptation andintegration of other elements, this “Latin-American inventiveness” is clearlyevident in elements such as the trolley that the character “el Chivo” uses inthe film to transport his belongings.

This creation of newobjects from the mixing and combining of isolated elements that are arranged satisfynew needs, is on itself a perfect analogy for the evolution that has led to themulticultural and social mix that characterizes contemporary Latin-America.

Valeria makes use ofthis notion, resulting from the fortunate relation between contrasting elementsthat coexist harmoniously to meet a common goal: the reinterpretation ofthemselves, to be integrated in a functional and complete whole.