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    jewelry design, hand made jewelry, hand fabricate
Tiger Box
Material: Copper, Ancient bronze, patina, brass wire, baby seal tooth 
Technique: forging, forming, shaping, loss wax casing, painting

Walrus pin
Black Stingray
Rhythm of Organic Shape
Material: Copper, Turquoise, Silver, Coper wire
Technique: Hand forged, Wrap, Torch fired, Patina
Tiger motif pendant 
Material: Sterling silver and Genuine Turquoise
Technique: Repousse, Chasing
White Tiger pendant 
Material: Mokamegane
Technique: Repousse  
Watching the Prey (Uncia uncia Pin )
Material: Sterling silver, Blue sapphire, Silver tube
Technique: Repousse and Chasing, Patina 
Alaska Lynx
Material: Copper, Red Garnet, Copper tube
Technique: Repousse, Chasing, Patina
Swirls Cuff Bracelet
Material: Sterling silver 
Technique: Repousse and Chasing
Anticlastic Bracelet
Material: Copper
Technique: Hand forged

Singha Identical Twins