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Create Internal Engagement

Engaging employees through videos and infographics to promote the John Lewis Partnership Pension Scheme. 

We had the privilege of working with the internal comms department at the John Lewis Partnership to visually explain and communicate the latest changes of the Pensions Scheme to all their partners. The campaign was aimed to everyone who works or has worked across the different services of John Lewis & Waitrose. 

Our approach was to create different layers of communication, using video as the primary content to attract attention and answer questions that came directly from John Lewis’ partners. We wove an engaging story into animated videos, infographics, posters and letters; making sure the information would be clear for everyone at JLP, from the fishmonger in Waitrose to the top manager in accounting.

In December 2015, before any focus was brought to the John Lewis Pension Scheme, just over 65,000 members, of which 33,250 individuals were making contributions to the scheme. Simplifying the pensions explanations through visual assets enabled all 83,000 Partnership partners to engage with and consider their own pension savings. 

"Between 2015 and 2016 pension accounts contributions have increased with 38,314 individuals participating. This is over 5000 additional individuals now contributing to their pension savings. Thanks in part to the engaging and eye catching work of Nucco Brain in our campaign.” 
Jenny Hilling - Business Change Manager at the John Lewis Partnership

Client: John Lewis Partnership
Studio: Nucco Brain
Lead Animator: Pedro Allevato
Producer: Stefano Marrone
Layout & Storyboard: Thomas Gutteridge & Gabriela Araujo
Animation: Gabriela Araujo

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