Cold wet nose
Final major project: "How can I use irony and humor to criticize an underlying target audience?"
My main intention for this project is through irony and humor, to criticize the common human behavior towards dogs, the constant need of dog owners and dog lovers to humanize their pets, our desire to transform dogs into “furry little people” which leads to interspecies misunderstandings. I wanted to analyze and understand more about their perspective as dogs in order to minimize what is lost in translation between us and them.

For this purpose I designed a brand called 'Coldwetnose' which function is to make people aware of the true facts about dogs as pets. The website is the platform to showcase this information.

As a criticism I also designed a learning kit for dog owners to buy. These kits consist of small boxes with empty bags inside to give to their dogs to smell. By smelling that specific sense they would instantly learn the wanted command, such as "sit" or "do not bark" or even "Do not chase the mail man".  
It is a product for dogs that intend to criticize the constant need for people to treat dogs as humans. To demonstrate the limits of our understanding for dogs and our common inability to see from their point of view, in their context. 
Coldwetnose logotype
Photo shoot with Martim Mónica and mixed breed Roxy at LCC 
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