The Helium Group is a startup based in the Washington, D.C. Metro area with a focus on social entrepreneurship, concept development, and business consulting. Based on the word Helium, without getting scientific, and more so based on my experience with balloons at birthday parties, I not only realized what helium was about, but also what the Helium Group is about. Helium is, scientifically, a gas, but conceptually, a mythical thing that allows objects to not only rise to new heights and expand, but also broaden horizons. It assists in providing us with light during the day, can keeps nuclear reactors calm and cool. Based on all of this, I developed the tagline, "Outward & Upward & Onward," as a starting point. I also thought it would be best to not be super cliché and use arrows to depict the tagline, so I created an icon using curves to show direction and expansion, resulting in an unique 'H' icon. Based on the final logo, I created an icon set to describe all of their services, based on objects that either use or are made of helium.

Helium Group