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    Identity / Branding. Stationary System for my Brooklyn Based design studio.
Barnickel Design Studio
Brand Development: Logo Design, Stationary System, Website
The identity for my brand consultancy had to show a passion for brand development, attention to detail and high-end production as well as hint at my design process all in a single breath. 
I designed the logo so it could easily fit into a seamless repeat to be applied to various branding collateral. 
By designing identities that can not only stand on their own as individual signifier's of a brand, but can also be converted into a pattern as a decorative element—I'm able to create more versatile identities that allow for greater application opportunity to impact viewers through brand repetition.
Letterpress printing, pantone inks and limited paper stocks ensured a high-end, luxurious final product.
Not just a study in post-modernism, the logo also illustrates my design process. For every project I look to the past for creative inspiration as well as market research, while always looking ahead towards the future in order to keep my designs relevant, balanced and forward thinking.
The marketing campaign consisted of direct mailings, email updates and viral campaigns targeted at high-end retail, consumer goods and collaborative partners.
Barnickel Design has been featured in Print Magazine, Art PowerComputer Arts Magazine as well as various other publications and blogs. 

After running Barnickel Design for six years in Brooklyn, NY I have taken a full-time job as Senior Art Director at RFR Creative in Jacksonville, FL.