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    Packaging - Conception d'un coffret de chocolat inspiré de la légende sur l'origine du cacao dans la civilisation astèque.
Student project - 3rd year - Branding /Packaging 
Strate - School of Design

Eloïse Gillard

"The subject was to create a chocolate box. The concept of this packaging is based on the Aztec legend , telling the origin of cocoa . This is the Quetzacoalt god , a feathered snake living in the lush forests of Tula in Mexico within the reach of men the sacred cocoa bean . The open box unfolds like a flower with its folds recalling the architecture of temples Aztecs . The graphics are also inspired by this rich and mysterious culture . The outside of the box, where the black and gold illustrations are organized symmetrically , reveals with surprise a bright and colorfull inside."

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The story telling

The box contains chocolates with spicy flavors inviting the consumer to travel to the heart of the Aztec culture. Pepper , paprika or cinnamon : each chocolate has a special feature and a symbol. Inside the lid , the consumer can easily find the taste he's looking for. A surprise awaits the consumer at the center of the box, where one chocolate is like a gold nugget,  a buried treasure which reveals a surprise taste.

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