We were approached to create the graphics and animations for the 2015 We Day broadcast on ABC. For those unfamiliar with it, We Day is a celebration meant to honour game changing young people who are working to make a difference. The event itself brings together artists, performers, speakers to create something celebrate and inspire the young minds invited to the stadium-sized show. Naturally, this means we had to come up with some big, fun, and stylish graphics to go with the show, both onstage and off.
The second part of the project was the Superhero segments, which had clips of various celebrities – including Paul Rudd, Macklemore, and Jennifer Aniston – describing what their dream superhero power would be, and then animating them. The superhero versions were illustrated by Dave Franciosa and animated by our team at Reactiv. Good times for a good cause!
Our original concepts included a hand-painted look and a puzzle piece theme, but in the end the client ended up going with a variation on the bokeh theme  that was clean, engaging, and looked great both on the stage and on the screen.
Client: We Day
Agency: DoorKnocker Media
Creative Director: Alon Isocianu
Animators: Jacob Doforno, Phil Prates, Maxine Schnepf
Post Producer: Emily Buller
Illustrator (Superhero segment): Dave Franciosa