Apocalypse (A Step by Step)
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    A work in progress by Isaac Bidwell
Hey everyone. I've been really busy working. Besides Hat Factory Publishing items, my time is (unfortunately)  focused solely on personal work.   Who would have guessed an Illustrator, with a double Bachelors in Marketing and Graphic Design, main source of income would be from waiting tables? I feel like an actor living in California.  Thumbs up to the simply dazzling American Economy...
Anyway, I have a new site and blog in the works, as well as an internet store of some sort.....
So in the mean time enjoy these few images. 
Eventually I'm  going to change these pictures around, showing the step by step. This image is huge at 20x30, with a resolution of 350.... I'm going to print around 10 of these bad boys once it's said and done.....
Nov. 5th
Getting Closer......